Walking: a step in the right direction to become physically active and lose weight.

Why walking?

According to the National Institute of research in the United States (NIH), College American of Sport (CMHA) medicines, and other international and national Associations, the market is one of the simplest methods and more effective for being physically active. It is an activity that is practiced anywhere and at any time. The market is little expensive, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes that supports your foot, a pleasant and safe environment and you’re ready a start.

Walking can:

Give you more energy and help you feel better.

Reduce stress and help you relax.

Increase the number of calories your body.

Strengthen your bones and tone your muscles.

Improve your endurance and your fitness.

Decrease the risk of chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes type 2, hypertension and other.

Give you an opportunity to socialize with your friends and your family.

For all these reasons, the market is strongly recommended as initial exercise for fitness and weight loss. If you want to start your walking program, read the following information and see your kinesiologist for a customized program.

If you have health problems, or you have noticed symptoms that concern you during physical efforts such as pain in the chest, dizziness, abnormal breath, consult your doctor before beginning your walking program.

How to start a walking program?

Here are some tips of your kinesiologist:

Keep the following in mind when you plan your program:

Choose a safe place to walk.

Find a partner or a group of people to work with you if it motivates you more. Note that your partners should be able to walk at the same speed as you.

Use good quality footwear that supports the Arch of the foot well and who have a good capacity of absorption of impacts. Take the time to try them before you buy and do not hesitate to get advice by qualified people in the field, as needed.

Wear comfortable clothing and that will keep you dry (clothes that breathe property).

Wear warmer clothes in winter, prevent loss of heat through the head and hands, avoid exercise by too cold temperatures. In the summer, protect yourself from the Sun by wearing a CAP and avoiding exercise when it’s too hot.

Divide your session of market into female fat loss diet bodybuilding three parts; (1) 5-minute warm-up, running slow; (2) increase your speed to the desired intensity; (3) return to calm, running slow for 5 minutes.

After your first 5 minutes on slow perform stretching exercises (attached); These same stretching exercises should be redone at the end of your market session.

Walk three to five times a week, preferably every day. Each week, add 2 or 3 minutes to your journey necessary according to your objectives and physical abilities.

If you walk less than three times a week, gradually increase the frequency of your outings then then the length and intensity.

To avoid muscle stiffness, start slowly and gradually increase without forgetting to do your stretching exercises. Over time these stiffness will disappear.

If you feel other pain as muscle stiffness such as pain in the chest, dizziness or abnormal shortness immediately stop your exercise and see your doctor.

Set realistic goals and congratulate yourself to achieve them; It is also very important to congratulate you have accomplished what you did even if the target is not reached, the importance is to move.

Take care to fill in your physical activity log to keep track of your progress. Note your difficulties to be able to discuss it with your kinesiologist so that he can guide you in your progress.

More you will walk, better you will feel and more calories you will burn.

If you walk in dark weather, wear a reflective vest or colored clothing to make your safer market session.

Plan your route and time of your market and need to notify a family member or a friend for greater security.

It is essential to listen to your body to avoid injury.

Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week. This intensity is distinguished by a more rapid breathing, without however preventing