Vegan diet: benefits, advice and allowed foods

The vegan diet: what to eat for vegans

Here is an example of vegan menu to understand specifically what foods you can eat and which ones are not.

As an appetizer, a nice raw vegetables pinzimonio has what it takes.

Among the first there are cereals (whole grain) and then bread, pasta, rice, polenta, farro, bulgur, barley, rye, oats, millet and quinoa but also of course to accompany pasta or beans to create soups.

It continues with the second: vegetables but also seitan, a food made from wheat gluten is very similar to the rubbery roast can be prepared with meat, hamburgers and meatballs. We continue with soy and tofu and of course fungi and algae (kombu, hijiki, wakame, dulse, agar agar, arame and nori) plus the tubers (potatoes, rutabagas, cassava, Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, rampion, daikon and sweet potatoes).

Of course then they are fruits and sweet, all fruits and sweets prepared according to possibly raw vegan recipes with maple syrup and rice and barley malt to use instead of white sugar. Don’t forget dried fruit, seeds, edible flowers and buds.

From all these foods you derive the essential nutrients to the body without the fat and cholesterol, or drugs or hormones. We have vitamin B12 in algae, the iron in vegetables and green leafy vegetables, as well as in legumes and dried fruit, where we also find minerals. We have vitamins and proteins found in legumes, soybeans but especially in football is derived from vegetables and seitan. From dried fruits, olive oil and seeds derive the good fats.

Among the forbidden foods include: meat and meat products, dairy, eggs, honey but sugar, precooked foods, refined foods, desserts, sweetened beverages, energy drinks, refined grains and everything that can minimally contain extracts of meat, milk and eggs.

The benefits of the vegan diet

Have been moved since the beginning of concerns about nutrients that would be less with this type of diet, but they have also been proven wrong. Undoubted instead are the benefits of the vegan diet: healthy diet plans to lose weight lower risk of a heart attack, obesity, stroke, and diabetes, blood pressure, weight and cholesterol under control.

It is true that we must conceive a well-balanced menu to avoid overdoing sugars of the fruit, in order to avoid problems such as anemia or hypothyroidism and celiac disease must take extra care, especially to foods like seitan.

Of course the vegan diet is highly recommended for those who want to lose weight but still must be associated with taking plenty of fluids and movement.

Vegan diet: small Guide to becoming vegan

What it takes to become vegans:

great reasons


sense of initiative


desire to experiment

If you want to become a vegan, you first have to stop seeing this diet as a deprivation of something, but as a chance to indulge yourself and experience something new. A door to another world, literally and see why.

STEP 1 – motivation

It starts with the basics — solid reasons: If the meat we like but we don’t like that the animals are being killed, we must strive to forget the taste if we know it’s a losing cause we might as well save ourselves the trouble.

As we told you become vegans for the following reasons:

Health, maybe lose a few pounds but above all to end a few niggles that starts to become disturbing, how persistent a cholesterol problem or a tendency to put on weight. It’s amazing how you learn energetic and ready with the vegan diet. Seeing is believing. With the vegan diet also prevents many serious illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and kidney failure.

For animals, because they bear the idea that you kill or exploit an animal, for any use (including pens in duvets). Even the animals suffer, it’s fitting that become food?

For other human beings, those who are not lucky enough to eat every day. The animals are fed on pounds and pounds of food that could be safely consumed by humans.

On the environment, we think deforestation to make way for farms and meat industry pollution.

STEP 2 – Constance

We start by deleting something, little things, day after day: the sugar in your coffee for example. Remove meat and fish from the weekly menu one day at a time.


You have to feel within themselves the urge to try and taste new foods, so experiment and find out, reading cookbooks and speak with other vegans.

Very soon you realize that it’s not just a question of food but also of garments and objects and waste, is a new mentality. Here’s what it means to carry on a die