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Call a Locksmith in Tampa for Re key Services and more

Locksmiths are industry professionals who are licensed in Tampa to work with locksmith tools in and around your home and property. They perform many services, including residential lock rekeys. There’s many reasons why a home owner or renter would need a local residential locksmith to rekey home locks.

Let’s consider this scenario: You’ve recently bought a new home. Previously, realtors were in and out of the property with a lot of foot traffic. You really don’t know who has a copy of your house key. The locks are in perfect condition, and may be new, and you love how they look. The best bet is to rekey the inner cylinder, or core, of the lock, so that the old key will not work and only the new key will work. That way you are in control at all times of who has the key to open your door locks to your new home.

In other cases, you may have had a roommate move out, let go of the house cleaner, pool guy, babysitter or other workers with access to your home. There’s no real way to know if the said person is upset and wants revenge, or made spare copies of the key, or gave a key to someone else. Again, you want to be the only person in charge of who has your home key. Safety and security of your residential property and family who lives inside the home is of utmost concern.


In the event that you do need to call a residential locksmith for a lock rekey, here’s what you should know:
1. Make sure the locksmith is licensed. You really don’t want an unlicensed worker having access to your home.
2. The residential locksmith should have the right tools to do the job.
3. You should agree on a price before the locksmith starts to work on your home.
4. The residential locksmith will remove the core of the lock and replace it with a new one. This leaves the old key useless and only allows the new key to work.
5. The locksmith should clean up any metal scraps or trash from his work site.
6. Make sure that the new key works in the rekeyed lock before the locksmith leaves.
7. Ask for any additional house key copies.

Try these tips when requesting a lock rekey service from a local and licensed locksmith in tampa fl.

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