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unhappy with sex pheromones

Women are slowly attracted to men like a volume knob. Money and looks do matter, but not nearly as much as you think with human pheromones. Money is a strong indicator of success, persistence, and hard work; all character traits of a man who can provide value for women. However, there are plenty of successful men who are lonely, settling in relationships, or who are unhappy with sex pheromones. Learn more at http://anatomist.info/?p=44 and http://solenoidrocks.com/?p=36
Equally, there are many good looking guys who are in the same place. What’s missing for both of these groups of men is The Grounded Man and the Internal Mindset. In a woman’s eyes, the disadvantage of being financially successful and/or good looking is women know a good looking or successful man has options which can reduce her trust in him and he may leave her or cheat with another woman. At the end of the day, we are all simply human pheromones who want to survive and reproduce.  Check out pheromones at https://www.rebelmouse.com/bestpheromones/pheromone-attractant-compounds-1321794866.html
Human Pheromone Production
We’re animals with larger brains than the rest of nature in the world that have existed for millions of years. Women are looking for The Grounded Man to help them survive and reproduce and men are looking for a healthy female to reproduce with. When a man is attracted to a woman, that is his body telling him this is a female who can bear him healthy children. 
So, value creates attraction and, for women, this is someone she feels safe, secure, and provided for. A “pretty boy” type of guy isn’t what she’s looking for. She doesn’t want a guy that looks prettier than her or a guy who spends more time on his looks or style than she does. She wants a man who can help her get through life easier because life is hard with sex pheromones. 
Back in the caveman days, a man who was combing his hair wasn’t going to survive versus a guy who could take action, was decisive, and was a go-getter being the one who brought home the food. He provided value in terms of survival. Which guy would you want to be with if you were a girl? A pretty boy who looks good or a man who brings home the food, builds shelter, and fights off other men from tribes who want to rape and or kill you? Do you masturbate to unattractive, older or overweight women? No, you don’t. And women don’t have dirty thoughts about a nice, indecisive, boring, weak, logical guy that she could dominate. Remember, being The Grounded Man is like having double-D breasts, a pretty face, perfect hip- to-weight ratio, and a great butt. The more grounded the bigger the assets and the more value you provide to women. Your brain is the human equivalent of a peacock feather used to attract women for sex pheromones.
Obviously, you’re out of state at first when you get into a social situation. You have to give yourself time to adjust from work mode into social mode – about an hour to come alive and be your social self. As a side note: when you’re eating right, exercising regularly, sleeping well, doing things outdoors, have a fun social life, and reduce porn and masturbation, then tapping into a high state will come a lot naturally and easier to you. When you’re healthy your base level of state is an unhealthy person’s highest level of state. The goal is to constantly raise the bar of your base level so you’re producing consistent results every day and you’re not reliant on trying to reach a high level of “state” by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol just so you can socialize with human pheromones.

Perfect Pheromone Signals

Right now I can walk into a party and people know me as “the pheromone hypnotist.”  It gives me a lot of fun stuff to do because if I’m bored or something I can just take someone into a hallway and get their hands locked together on pheromones, or get them forgetting their name, etc… to the amusement of everyone around me. Check out pheromones at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/october-03rd-2015.
And I really mean it when I say it’s the last article you’ll need to read. If you understand women like I do, and then proceed to add more philosophies to your understanding, it will fuck you up lol. Move on to focusing on your fitness or making natural pheromones. Once you “get it”, delete yourself from all seduction web sites. 95% of the info from the community is mental masturbation.
While the pheromone advice in your post is pretty spot on…I don’t want to be a dick but one of the very first things that was discussed in the community (long before The Game was even written) …was…. “don’t put hot women on a pedestal”.
The post is a little over the place and exaggerates a bit on how intimidated women feel but there are some good points in it. In my opinion women are very well capable of handling some intimidating situations. They can take care of themselves in most situations. There’s a fine line between taking care of them and being over protective. Learn to understand their cues.
Here’s the fundamentals about beautiful women and pheromones:
– They are normal people. Just like me and you. But they are highly sought after for their looks because it’s nature.
– Yes, treat them like normal people. They like that. Banter with them as you would with any other friend.
– Becoming less intimated by a good looking woman happens the more you are exposed to them.
– For fuck sake do not use PUA stuff like negging etc, it’s fucking shit if you don’t do it right. Be playful and sincere instead. Be normal.
– I would also add that when you get close to a beautiful woman you will also see flaws. You’ll notice maybe the nose is a little too big or a little too small. You’ll notice they look a little less pretty without make-up. You’ll notice one of their teeth is slightly less whiter than others. Or a the nipples aren’t aligned thanks to http://mikesthoughts.drupalgardens.com/content/genuine-pheromone-attraction and http://mikesopnion.bravesites.com/entries/general/pheromones-in-the-wild.
They are not perfect pheromone signals. Neither are you.
– A beautiful woman’s pussy and tits and ass are like any other woman’s pussy, tits, and ass.
Some will be tighter and firmer, others may not. Some of their pussies will have a funny smell too even if they are beautiful.
– Getting plenty of sex will reduce your anxiety around women. ALL women. You’ll notice this more when you are in a relationship and encounter other women.
Beautiful Women and Pheromones
I thought this post was dead. I am surprised you guys resurrected it. I wrote this post when I had a harem of 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s while working at Victoria secret. This calibration is based on living in absolute abundance of pheromones. Only a guy in that situation can see that the whole world is full of value leechers that are constantly trying to seek validation from beautiful women, and the really attractive women need to shield themselves and develop a bitch shield to repel all the low value, needy, and desperate people. More pheromones will make you more attractive.