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Good Way of Reducing Man Boobs

Gynecomastia or man boobs is a widespread problem among male population.  It is caused by the fat accumulation in the mammary glands that makes the breast enlarged and swollen due to the low levels of testosterone.  It creates low self-esteem and low self-confidence thinking that it is an embarrassing condition which makes you unattractive and prevents you from socializing. There are ways to get rid of Gynecomastia and one good way of reducing man boobs is using a body sculpting cream called Gynexol.

What is Gynexol anyway and what it does for you?

Gynexol is a topical cream that sculpts the chest by shrinking and dissolving the fats in the pectoral region.  It sculpts the chest in a way that it reveals the untouched muscle mass underneath the fatty tissues.  It is applied on your chest every morning once a day.  It is made up of natural ingredients formulated by health professionals and approved by USFDA.  Such efficiency is credited to the potent ingredients, strong enough but safe and gentle to use.  It is the only cream that is non-testosterone based that needs no prescription if wants to purchase.

Powerful ingredients found in Gynexol

•    Retinol: This is a form of vitamin A and was discovered in 1931 by Paul Karrer.  This ingredient reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines, blemishes and skin discolorations.  It helps in skin rejuvenation producing more collagen that gives skin its youthful appearance.

•    Aloe Vera Juice:  The substance in Aloe Vera Juice helps in the reduction in the size of the male breasts.  This is possible as it increases metabolic rate that burns fats and calories in the body much faster.  It is also incorporated in many skin care products.

•    Ginkgo Biloba: It has high levels of anti-oxidant that prevents the body of damaging free radicals which can ruin healthy cells.  It also delays the process of ageing by protecting the blood vessels, cells and skin.  

•    Tocopheryl acetate:  This is a form of vitamin E which also makes wonders for the skin.  It is fat-soluble and is absorbed
by the body much faster compared to other forms of vitamin E. It also enhances the effectiveness of the sunscreen substances for the reduction in free radicals formation when exposed to ultra violet rays and promotes skin healing process.  It is also an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory at the same time.

•    Green Tea Extract:  Its extracts are proven to accelerate the burning of fats and speeding up the body’s metabolic rate.  Because of its high concentrations of anti-oxidant properties (flavonoids and catechins), it reduces the accumulation of free radicals that promotes faster ageing and the development of illnesses.

•    Ethoxydiglycol:  It acts as a binder of all of the ingredients keeping them together to work as one substance.  It also serves as a delivery system sending the necessary substances to the system where it is needed the most. Another thing is it acts as the solvent that thins out other ingredients and balancing each amount to blend with each other and maintains its texture to be stable and firm.