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New Smartphones by BLU Products


A slew of android-based smartphones have been released by BLU products this year. Fans of Blu have more to cheer about since this Latin American phone company has many more new smartphone models scheduled for release later this year. The unique thing about these new smartphones by BLU products is that all of those phones are competitively priced. You would not find a single smartphone with a price tag of over $200. This is a complete opposite of what the big boys of the smartphone world do. For instance, if you take Samsung, most of the smartphones released by them cost over $200. They are not really budget-friendly while BLU phones are.

Despite the fact smartphones by BLU products are low-priced, they have all the premium features that users expect in a smartphone. They bodies are quite strong as they are made of metal. Yet, they look sleek and thin which speaks highly of their design quality. They haven’t compromised on the processors either. Processors are the most important aspect of any smartphone and all these Blu smartphones have high speed octa-core processors. Almost all those smartphones have 4G support. This is one feature which is really difficult to find in the phones released by the big boys. They also have really good batteries. The charge stays for a long time and the batteries are durable too. These are not all. Smartphones from the brand of BLU products have more great features which them really worth the money.