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The Mob and junk yards

Back in the late 90’s the mob got really quiet after dozens of arrests and incarceration of many of their members.Funny thing is that when things that hurt you happen, most people adapt, that is what happened to their “business motto” I remember being in a junk yard in north Atlanta, in the area of Chamblee, I notice the owner of the junk yard being very nervous and trying to get away from a guy who was dressed very nice, suit and everything, the guy stand out there cause everyone else is all dirty from pulling parts from cars.I remember this individual saying, tell your dad he needs to sell, we are being very nice by buying you out. I was like wow this business is blooming, they always have people in and out, how can they be broke or have money problems that they need to sell. Once the guy stepped out the door, the owner came out of his office where he was hiding and commented than the guy who just left was from the mafia in New Jersey and they wanted his business. He was afraid of calling the police or the FBI because they owned it all he mentioned.Well, I left Atlanta and moved to South Florida in Mid 1998, I went back to visit friends and family in 2001, to my surprise when I drove by the junk yard the name had change, it was now Pick and Pull, I laughed, I don’t know if they sold to that company or if the Mob guy was part of this, the question remains. I know one thing, Pick and Pull keeps buying the little man’s salvage yard, their business in the auto parts industry has grown so much in the past 10 years it’s ridiculous to explain how. So my friends I am about to adapt too, I am moving to Charlotte NC, to start a new business, in computer services and networking, South Florida has been great for me, but now it’s time to get the ball rolling fast.