Quick Tips About IT Support for Small Business

With the demand for computer support services growing daily, here are some things to look for when deciding which computer support services to choose.

How many PCs do I have in the company, and how many of those will I need support for.  This is a crucial number when a support company determines the cost of computer support services for you. How quickly do I need support? According to Ifeeltech If you have a computer problem is it likely to cost you money very quickly, or could you perhaps get by for 24 hours.  This factor again will decide the cost of services you choose.

Internet Connectivity.  Most computer support services providers usually offer remote support, but, of course, to do this you will require an internet connection of at least 2.5MBps. 

Check with your ISP if you are unsure.What level of support do you need? Are you going to need someone who can talk you and your staff through the most basic of tasks, or are you simply looking for someone to call if something breaks?

How many staff? Do you want all of your staff to be able to log computer support calls or just certain staff?  It is often best to delegate the task of logging calls to your most IT-savvy staff, to ensure that any user created issues are filtered out before the (potentially expensive) call is logged with the computer support provider. Google?

Before logging computer support problems try Googling for help.  Fixing your own problem might often be quicker than picking up the telephone and calling the support number.Information to hand. 

Make sure when you call anyone for computer support that you have all the relevant information to hand.  For example, if you are phoning about a problem with your internet connection, it would be a good idea to have the password for your router handy, and even the details your ISP provided when you signed up. Per year or per call. 

You need to decide how often you are going to require computer support.  If it’s only once or twice per year, you may decide that it’s best just to go for a pay-as-you-go package. 

If on the other hand you are likely to be having problems several times per year, you may be best to opt for a subscription package. Fair usage.  Most subscription packages have a fair usage policy attached to them.  I.e., you cannot just log calls with your computer support services provider every time you can’t print. 

You would be expected to perform some self-help initially.  Fair usage is usually 1 or 2 calls per month. Can I prevent problems in the first place?  If you don’t invest in your I.T systems, it is likely you will pay in the long-run.  Invest now, to avoid paying over the odds later.No related posts.