Cocoa Beach Family Vacation Tips

There are only a three more shuttles scheduled to fly out and I’ll bet Space Coast area beaches are going to be packed with people from all over the country. I know of several people who are planning special trips just to see them go. When you do plan a trip keep in mind the shuttle launch schedule changes so it’s best to keep checking it.

Two: A wildly popular little show called “I Dream of Jeannie“, tell me the theme song didn’t just start in your head, came on T.V. Although the only episode actually filmed in Cocoa Beach was the one where Jeannie gets married there were enough scenes that showed just enough of Cocoa Beach for people to want to know more about it. If you need family vacation packages to Cocoa Beach simply visit Another popular iconic thing in Cocoa Beach was a restaurant called the Moon Hut it was a popular hang out of the Astronauts back in the day, it’s a Mexican restaurant now but there’s still a lot of space memorabilia throughout the place.

Space Shuttle Discovery – STS-133: This will be the final flight of Discovery as well as the final mission of the entire Space Shuttle Orbiter line of vessels and its program. The mission will charter the Pressurized Multipurpose Module as well as the fourth Express Logistics Carrier. Discovery launched at 4:43 pm on February 24.
Space Shuttle Endeavor – STS-134: This will be the final flight of Endeavor. This mission will consist of delivering spare parts, which include two S-band communications antennas, a high-pressure gas tank, as well as additional parts for the Dextre and micrometeoroid debris shields. The payload will also include Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and the third Express Logistics Carrier, all to be attached to the International Space Station. Endeavour launched at 8:56 am on May 16.
Space Shuttle Atlantis – STS-135: This is the last space shuttle launch, Atlantis will deliver supplies to the ISS. The launch is targeted for mid July,an official launch date has yet to be set.

There’s a lot of history and nature around Cocoa Beach, the Kennedy Space Center is just 15 miles north of town and we have the Canaveral National Seashore or the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge nearby, both are great places for a day of family fun in the great outdoors. We also have a store here that sells dinosaur and other fossils, it’s an interesting place to go and just look around.