Are you a Nantucket wedding photographer?

Are you a Nantucket wedding photographer and need some advice on how to take great photos? 
The Perfect Wedding Photographer
Nantucket is a very popular destination for wedding photography. It is quite possible that I don’t meet enough beginning Nantucket photographers and so have yet to meet one who started out with automatic cameras and developed , into a good photographer. The beginner would blame all mistakes on the ~ camera and never learn the basic steps and concepts that are essential for improving as a photographer. Learn more from Nantucket wedding photographer at and
Someone told me recently that I was prejudiced, that some functions have been taken over by machines and automation these days. Why bother to learn to shift gears on a car when all cars will soon have automatic gear shift only? The argument goes. Or why learn to multiply when computers are so much more accurate than our brains? Well, I still believe that we must first learn to multiply and then we can let machines help us. And, we should learn the rudiments of camera machinery before we let automation do it for us. So, contradictory as this may sound, I am all in favor of automation for Nantucket wedding photographers who have already gained some experience and know what ‘ their automated cameras are doing. They will know how to get the most out.
I never usefully automated cameras in which both aperture and shutter speed are set by a photoelectric cell. I am constantly watching how much to compensate for different backgrounds as against what my built—in light meter tells me, so the idea that one should just set the film speed in a camera and leave the rest to 2’! is unacceptable to me.
For Nantucket wedding photography, I use Kodak Vericolor II, Type S (ASA 100). Many wedding photographers use negative color film exclusively, reasoning that it can also give black-and—white prints on Panalure paper. But I prefer to shoot color and black-and—white separately so that I can take advantage of the higher speed of black-and—white film.
Until manufacturers invent color film that approximates Tri-X for speed and flexibility, I shall always prefer to limit my color shooting to scenes that really benefit from color. If it comes to a choice between direct flash color and black-and-white without flash, I prefer black-and white. Curiously enough, it often looks more professional too. Any amateur with a simple camera and a flashbulb can produce direct-flash color shots that differ very little from what I can do in a similar situation in color. But let me shoot by available light where the amateur would not dream of getting a shot and I can be certain that no cousin with his Instamatic will have already shown the bride’s parents a similar wedding picture.
Let me clarify: I love color wedding photography on Nantucket where it is easy to do (outdoors, for instance) or where I can use more than one light source, reflector, and anything else that will produce natural—looking color photographs. Unfortunately, weddings don’t allow us this luxury, so I prefer to compromise and use both color and black-and-white. So far, all my clients have seen my point and have allowed me to use my judgment.