A Handy Reference for those travelling to Thailand

Lets get straight to it. You can spend hours upon hours searching the Internet for information regarding vacationing and traveling in Thailand. Some of what I’m going to tell you here is available free of charge on the Internet if you can be bothered spending the time searching.

Some of it is not.

So your choice now is, do you want to spend hours upon hours rooting out information? Or download this little ebook and learn some fascinating and essential tips rapidly? I know what I would do.

This ebook is priced at ninety-nine cents and I’ll bring you ninety-nine travel tips to Thailand that you really must know. If you learn one thing, it will be worth it. I’m confident enough to say that you’ll learn more than one thing.

I’ve written this ebook as a handy reference for you, and as well as being full of tips, its also full of advice that you should heed while planning your trip. I’ll be straight to the point on some issues and you may not like my tone. I’d rather be abrupt and educational than polite and ignorable.

So please don’t be offended when I get a little bit cheeky, its for your own good. So the first part of being cheeky is to point out that there’s no way a little book like this can give you the minute detail of every vacation location in Thailand. There’s plenty of specialist city by city guides out there by some of the biggest travel guide companies in the world.

They have their place, you will get some excellent information from them – but be fair. Part of travel is discovery, discovery for yourself together with Charming Asia Tours. Bars, restaurants and other tourist amenities open and close on a regular basis. Its impossible for any guide to keep up.

Equally its also impossible for any guide to list every single hotel, guest house, tourist attraction and suggested trip, especially in the major locations. So loosen up – as long as the guides get the important stuff right – and the best one’s will – then that’s a great thing.

Wandering about Thailand with your nose stuck in a guide book bemoaning that it didn’t tell you where to get the best hamburger is embarrassing. You will be looked at with contempt and ridicule by your fellow tourists. The guides are a tool, a framework – use them as such and build the vacation that you want.

Wat Phra Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

And If something turns up – as it will – out of the blue? Enjoy the fact that you’ve rooted out a beautiful unknown temple, a quiet beach, or an excellent hamburger. Guides guide – they don’t hold your hand.

Anyway, if you haven’t downloaded the book already, go ahead and do so now, and lets get started.


Don’t Do This!

Monks Praying, Loih Kratong Festival, Chiang Mai

Two for the Ladies –

1.) You have no idea how offensive it is to Thais to see western women walking around half-naked. Maybe you are on vacation, they are not. Walking around wearing sports bras and bikinis is rude to the point of ignorance. Going topless at the beach is a criminal offence, and lying next to the waterfalls sunbathing while showing off your vacation natty new swimsuit is a disgrace.

Count yourself lucky you don’t speak Thai, if you heard what they were saying about you when you parade about with it all hanging out, you’d never live down the shame. Cover up, and have some respect for your Thai hosts.

2.) Don’t touch the monks, I mean, seriously, don’t touch the monks. I witnessed a drunk South Korean woman manhandle a monk at 5.00 a.m. as he was going about his morning business. The look of horror on his face is etched in my memory. Three Thai guys emerged from the shadows and dragged the woman off him.

You wouldn’t run up and manhandle a man of religion in your own country, don’t do it in Thailand.

Two for the Guys

3.) Men going around Thailand shirtless is also considered disrespectful. Standing in bars sweating buckets from your hairy armpits while those around you are trying to eat is disgraceful. Setting aside your fellow tourists wanting to vomit as you raise your arm to knock back another beer, your Thai hosts will be repelled.

Put on a T-shirt, you moron.

4.) It gets worse, no one, and I mean no one, looks good walking down the street wearing swimming trunks and with their junk hanging out. It is quite frankly unbelievable the amount of idiot tourist that wander about looking like the town clown. If your going to the beach, wear shorts and disrobe into your shiny two inch stripy trunks when you get there. Some things should never be seen in public you know.

Seriously – dress modestly when your walking the streets, that goes for both sexes. I understand that you may not have known better before arriving – I’m making these points right away as they can result in humiliation due to not knowing.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

5.) On the subject of modesty, both sexes should be modestly dressed when in Thai temples. Women’s shoulders and legs should be covered. In some temples men will also be required to wear long trousers. You can be sure that will be the case if you visit any of the temples and palaces with a royal connection.

Its an idea for women to always have a wraparound on hand when they are out and about, there are so many beautiful temples that you will happen upon unexpectedly, and you should be able to dress modestly in an instant.