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Traveling To Two Citites With Charming Asia Tours


I had a friend who used to live in Vietnam and she wrote about what it was like. I did not really believe her until we went and the city really is totally packed full of motorcycles. Especially as you try to cross the roads and the lights change. This kind of wave goes and everything goes absolutely crazy. If you want to cross the road then you just kind a have to take your life into your hand and kind of weave your way across. I mean you need to pay attention to what is going on and everyone just flows around you.

The trick is to find a local who is also crossing the road and use him as a kind of human shield. Just walk on the downward stream of them and keep up with them. No one is going to hit them. We have never seen an accident. They get you the pacer that you need.

And electrical wires are just out of this world. Anyone who is been to Vietnam would have probably laughed at all these electrical wires. They run along poles attached to buildings and drop on big huge piles on to the pavement. Sometimes you are skipping over a pile of about 40 high voltage electrical wires just running down the pavement. It really is a mystery how people tap into them all the time. Like they illegally tap into the high voltage power lights. It is just insane.

It is a very amusing city but it is not somewhere I think I can spend a lot of time because I am not a big fan of that big city with big bustle and lots of speed thing.

But there are all of these little quiet areas that are tucked in around the place which is cool fun. Plus they have really good noodle soup known as Pho. Amazing noodle soup paired with good some of the best bread as well. Vietnam has some of the best bread in Asia. It is the French colonial kind of gift.

Let us now move on to Thailand. I think that we can safely say that our favourite city in Thailand was Chiang Rai. Which is known as paradise anyway. So many people we know visit the place and spend a lot of time in there. There is quite a large expat community. A lot of these expats actually originally came to Thailand with Charming Asia Tours.

We really enjoyed that. I think we really enjoyed it because of the people that we met there. Lots of expats who are bloggers or creative people like photographers and writers. And lots of people that we have known online forever. I just really connected with the people there and that made the whole place seem extra awesome.

And the food obviously was really good. Lots of good street food and restaurants and fresh food markets.

There we went to a day trip up to an elephant sanctuary where we jumped on the elephant and take off one of our wish list items. I wanted to ride an elephant and a camel and I did both. It was quite nice.

The capital used to be in Ayutthaya and then it was moved down to Thonburi which is also worth a visit. And then on to Bangkok where it is today. Again a city worth a visit. If you are going to Thailand you are probably kind of going to Bangkok.

There is quite a well beaten path to go from Bangkok up to Ayutthaya on a day trip so go and stay there for a while. Then up to Sukhothai where you can cycle around the ruins and then back on the train and head on up to Chiang Rai.

We arrived from Cambodia when we arrived in Thailand and I think that was a really good way to go. Because apparently there is quite a lot of dodgeyness going on the route from Bangkok too. And so we went the other way around and found absolutely no problems at all.

Getting Private Money

As winter sets in Canada, many Canadians look longingly at the folks enjoying sunlight and warmth in the southern states of the US. Contribute to that, all the discuss foreclosures and hot offers, and many Canadians simply cannot help themselves however rush South searching for a sunlight covered deal.

There is no success without drive. With it, you can do remarkable things. Lacking it, you will certainly be go in front to dissatisfaction and sorrowfulness. You do not require this in your existence. What you want is success? And this achievement arrives to those that battle bad luck. And difficulty is absolutely in your future. This isn’t really a dreadful thing. It is life as we understand it. You simply have to be passionate to keep pushing, driving, and succeeding. Take each day at a time. Don’t let a couple of set backs to hold you back. You need to be passionate and able to over come those things. You will be able to do it!

That is a huge false impression. Big! So in the next few minutes let me show you how regular individuals like you are with confidence doing safe, no cash down Dean Graziosi even in today’s economic environment. Some of them are successfully dong this by themselves, although this is hard. Numerous others are utilizing just their good credit and provable income yet getting genuine estate financial investments that are protected, high yielding but are virtually turn-key.

The laws regarding this are old and are composed to keep individuals far from selling tickets outside a stadium. In an online world they are just old-fashioned. There is a trend in state legislatures to reduce up on these laws. With a market size $12 billion dollars, go figure that eBay and StubHub have actually worked with some lobbyists to assist alleviate up on the laws.

real estate investing offers a safe method to earn money, and discover some brand-new abilities, which can assist you organize your financial well-being. You do not have to stop your task; in fact I would not advise that.

Idea 7 – Make your financial investment tactics differed. Do discover all you can about various strategies: wholesale, tasks, books by Dean Graziosi, lease and purchase, and others. You can be sure you will likewise be making a lot more as soon as you have all the tactics down pat.

Accounting is essential in mobile house parks. The typical park has 50 to 100 renters, and the intricacies are far beyond pen and paper. There are numerous accounting operating systems readily available for mobile home parks such as Rent Manager and Park Partner, but many operators are just as delighted with simple Quick Books and Excel.

The reason for my success is straight relevant to credibility and cultivating an offer so the seller is comfy with me and the procedures that are included, however I am always in charge. That is your job as an expert wholesaler.

A Small Account on Insulin and its Types

One of the most devastating and debilitating diseases that is preying mankind today is diabetes. It not only hampers your day-to-day functioning but damages many vital organs in the long run and is thus a silent killer too. If left untreated and unchecked it causes havoc destruction to your heart, kidneys, eyes and many other such essential organs.

How does one treat diabetes? Exercises, proper diet, healthy lifestyle are definitely some of the ways but to most diabetic patients ‘insulin’ is a common word in their dictionary. Insulin is nothing but a hormone which is secreted by the pancreatic glands and it controls the glucose levels in the blood. Glucose is the energy-provider to our body cells. Without their proper supply our body won’t function properly and we would feel exhausted.

Insulin is essentially of two kinds depending upon their sources – the first group is the human insulin while the second variety is the analog insulin made by recombinant DNA technology. In USA the concentration commonly available is 100 units of insulin per milliliter and as such the insulin syringes are graduated in accordance to this concentration. Whatever the concentration, carrying insulin the handy way definitely requires diabetic bags.


Further, insulin is classified on the basis of their rapidity of action on human body once injected. Based on this factor insulin is of four types, namely – very rapid acting insulin, regular/rapid acting insulin, intermediate acting insulin and long-acting insulin. Again insulin of a fifth kind – mixed insulin is available that have both rapid as well as long lasting effects on human body. Moreover two types of insulin can be mixed in varying proportion in the syringes prior to injecting.

But whatever may be the variety of insulin, storing it within an insulin cooler keeps it safe from the ravages of high temperatures in hot climes.

A Little More on Rapid Acting Insulin

One is Lispro insulin while the other is Aspart insulin. While the former is marketed under the trade name ‘Humalog’ the latter comes under the trade name ‘Novolog’. Both of these insulins are clear liquids and start working ten minutes after the injection. They are at their best after one hour and their action within the body continues for three to four hours only. Both these insulins have to be administered fifteen minutes before meals. For patients who require long-lasting action, Humalog or Novolog  is mixed with long-acting insulin cooler varieties like acting NPH, Lente and Ultralente insulins.

A few precautions to be followed before administering Humalog/Novolog injections-

•    Blood sugar to be checked
•    Dosages to be fixed on consultation with endocrinologist based on reading, meals and exercise
•    Insulin solution to be discarded once it turns cloudy
•    If Humalog/Novolog is being mixed with some other long-acting insulin, then the former is to be added to the syringe first to maintain the purity and clarity.

Well this is enough as far as rapid acting insulin is concerned. Further news in the following articles.

Importing From China And Classification Codes

Are you finding that more than one classification code describes your item? You’re not alone!

Describing products is often a very subjective art. I was once importing a particular item that could had a different classification code depending on whether it was used primarily for aircraft/watercraft or other purposes. Our customers used this item for both watercraft/aircraft and in their homes, almost evenly split. So which classification code applied? My daughter bought bubble necklace from and she really enjoys it.

Often you have to make a judgement call. Almost all countries offer the ability to have a formal official determination made of the classification code of the item. If you’re importing hundreds of thousands of dollars of a product in a very grey area you should definitely consult an expert or request an official ruling as customs officials can request back-duties after you have imported a product if they find your classification was incorrect. However, if you are importing a relatively small amount of product in which two or more classification codes have relatively minimal difference in rates of duties, the overwhelming likelihood is that no one is going to chase after you for the 0.1% duty difference on a $5000 shipment you imported. If you want to play it entirely safe without requesting an official ruling, choosing the code with the higher rate of duty will cost you more money but almost always keep you in the good books.

There’s only a couple of other things to look out for. First, remember that you will almost certainly be declaring your goods in your home currency. So even if you paid your supplier in USD you will be expected to convert the price of the products to whatever currency you use in your home country. Generally, you’re expected to use the official exchange rate at that point in time (for example, the Bank of Canada official exchange rate). You may also be required to record some type of business identification number, in the case of Canada a Business Number.

Presenting Your Paperwork and Finally Clearing Your Goods

Once you have filled out your paperwork, you will be required to present it to the customs officials. If your goods are being shipped via land, normally you would simply do this at the land border crossing they are going through. If they are being shipped via sea, you can normally submit the document to any official customs office, normally located at a point of entry. In my province of British Columbia, Canada there are over 200 such offices, many of which aren’t actual points of entry. Remember, International Airports are points of entry. Simply Google “Customs office [your city/country]” and you should get a list from your government. For Canada and the USA these offices are:

My First Import and Transport

My very first time importing products was approximately 75 industry specific ladders. All in all, these ladders measured more or less about one pallet of goods, approximately 4’ or 5’ tall.

As you may have picked up on by now, when your goods arrive into your home country, you generally get a certain number of ‘free storage’ days to pick up your goods before you get charged storage fees. Of course, by the time my freight forwarder was able to get in touch with me, I was on my last ‘free’ day. Normally these storage fees for an extra day or two aren’t outrageous ($20-$50) but at the time I had no idea that’s all it would cost- for all I knew, if I didn’t pick up my ladders that day they’d be on the next boat back to China! Had I known, I would have sucked up the extra $20 in storage fees and relaxed a bit. Never the less… You can also do a search about “full lace wigs ” here on Dhgate – if you want to import it.

I promptly drove the forty five minutes across town to where my goods were only to find out my freight forwarder had not released the goods as I had not paid their fees that they had charged me. Of course, my freight forwarder was on the other side of town, so I had to drive forty five minutes back in the other direction to pay them. When I got there ready to give them my Visa they let me know the $100 could only be paid in cash. If you ever have to visit your freight forwarder you’ll likely find that their office consists of a small room with a couple of laptops and Chinese girls working, hidden away in a part of town with no ATM for miles. Thirty minutes later I had paid my freight forwarder and they had released my goods.

I drove back to the warehouse with ladders, waited another thirty minutes for the fork lift driver to bring out my goods only to have him sarcastically ask “You’re driving that?”. I was driving a 2 door Chevrolet Cavalier at the time which could barely fit my university books and backpack in the trunk, let alone 75 ladders! Some how though, I managed to drive away from the warehouse with my trunk barely tied down and with a ladder hanging out of each window.

Sea Freight, Air Freight, and Freight Rates

As I mentioned before, sea freight is cheap, in fact, very cheap. Air freight is expensive, in fact, very expensive.

Here’s a real quote I received recently for both sea and air freight to Vancouver:

FCL: Shenzen to Vancouver: USD $1400/1820/1870

LCL: Shenzen to Vancouver: USD $40 per CBM

Air Freight to Vancouver International Airport (Airport to Airport): $4.02USD/KG (based on 100-200 kgs).

First an explanation of some of the terms used there. FCL stands for Full Container Load and the numbers ($1420/1820/1870) are for 20’ containers and 40’ containers (two types of 40’ containers). LCL stands for Less than Container Load and CBM stands for Cubic Meter. Airport to Airport freight means that you have to pick up the freight at the airport (or nearby). In other words, they won’t deliver it to your door. I have bought some wigs for black women from DHgate which apparently are selling quite well.

These rates were all supplied by a third party freight forwarder who is basically like a mortgage broker insomuch that work with a bunch of freight companies to try and secure the lowest rates. You’ll notice that different units of measurements are used for sea freight and air freight. This makes the rates slightly difficult to compare but it’s probably not a stretch to assume you could fit 100kgs in 1CBM. In other words, 100kgs via air freight would cost you about $420 versus sea freight which would cost you around $40. Conclusion: air freight is expensive and sea freight is cheap.

However, with that being said, sea freight often has a lot of hidden fees (which we’ll go into later) that can often make air freight a reasonable option. For a small shipment of 100kgs, air freight might ultimately work out to be only twice as expensive. That’s still a lot more expensive but it is also a lot faster, which brings us to our final point.

Sea Freight Cheat Sheet

So what can a savvy importer do? There are a few key points I try to exercise:

You must be able to accurately forecast your demand. Don’t order Halloween costumes to arrive in November.

You must know your supplier and their realistic lead times. If they say 30 days, double this. If they make Halloween costumes, the chances are they’ll get behind in production a few months before October (even if they truly believe they can handle the added demand).

Know the transit times to receive products and pad these estimates. If you think it will take your goods 25-40 days in transit time from China to your home country, assume it will take 40 days.

A Gourmet Delight Made With Chocolates Gift Baskets – A Heart Winner

imagesThe word chocolate itself, is a mouth-watering one, so imagine a chocolate gift basket. The perfect gift for all happy occasions – be it a promotion at office or a housewarming, big parties, get-together for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year. You can gift these chocolate baskets when you want to show gratitude to someone or simply to strengthen a relationship; or gift it to someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

There is no age limit for eating chocolates and even people who are barred from those delicious heart ‘melter’ will try all the tricks in the book, to savor a piece of chocolate.  So you can make your chocolate gift basket as innovative and appetizing as possible.

You can make your gift basket special by  adding chocolate covered specialty nuts, pretzels and even truffles. If you want your gift to be something special, they try out various innovations with your chocolate basket, by adding little tidbits about the chocolates in the basket, maybe a joke or two and anything that comes in your head. Only thing is your idea should be received well with everyone.

Either you can buy a ready-made chocolates gift basket, or buy a wicker basket and then buy assorted varieties of chocolates that will make it all the more interesting. The size of the basket will be dependent on the number of people who might be there at the party. But buying a big basket will not be such a bad idea. After all, they are not going to get spoiled so easily. Add both small and big varieties of chocolates, but make sure the small ones don’t vanish when the big ones come in. If you don’t have enough chocolates to fill up the empty space in the basket, then you can add some fruits or flowers to create more impact. But remember not to overcrowd the basket.

Now shopping for chocolates gift baskets are made easier with the coming of internet. You can go online and make your purchase, with just a few clicks. Within the shortest time possible, you would have made your purchase. Check out for those sites that give you discounts for your chocolates, because you can then buy them in bulk. The only thing you have to check is the security of the site that you are buying from.

But nobody can deny the excitement of going to a real store and going through the lovely collection of chocolates. You can even try some before making a purchase, and satisfy your chocolate pangs for a little while. Chocolate baskets come in stunning varieties and styles, so much so that you would be completely spoilt for choice when you shop online for chocolate gift baskets.